Costa Mesa Business Phone Systems

We are Fusion Communications. We are a California based communications provider that services Costa Mesa and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to improve your company's communications system with the best and most efficient Costa Mesa VoIP system available.

Costa Mesa VoIP System for Businesses

A business that uses a VoIP system is able to run more efficiently while cutting costs. VoIP stands for " voice over internet protocol.” The internet is the medium for the communication instead of a phone line. Our Costa Mesa Business phone systems offer several advantages over a land line.

  1. VoIP is cheaper. Because VoIP is internet based, all calls are the price of the internet service instead of the price of each call.
  2. Affordable software and hardware that requires little to no maintenance.
  3. Faster speed and clearer calls for your Costa Mesa business phone systems.
  4. Multiple people can conference from anywhere at any time.
  5. Saves Money! Did we say that?

As a provider of your business phone system in Costa Mesa, our job is to design phone system solutions that benefit your business and its bottom line.

Upgrade Your Current Costa Mesa Phone System

As a provider of Costa Mesa business phone systems, we also offer services to enhance your existing business phone system. Our team can sit down with you and will configure an affordable, flexible system to improve what your business is already using. Sometimes all your current business phone system needs is an upgrade to get things running more smoothly.

Products and Business Phone System in Costa Mesa

Along with a Costa Mesa VoIP System, we offer products and services to help with new upgrades and systems for your business. These products are from Mitel which is the #1 Costa Mesa business phone system, provider. From phones to servers to software. Fusion Communications is your one-stop for technology products and services.

As a Costa Mesa phone system provider, our best asset is our customer service. Communications with customers are key not only for your business but ours as well. Your Costa Mesa business phone systems provider should offer continual support for your new services and WE DO! We will help integrate our services and products every step of the way.

Let our company be your Costa Mesa business phone systems provider. Let us show you that our services and advice are superior to any other communications provider out there. Your bottom line is our #1 priority. We will show you that our products and services will save you money, time, and help your employees work more efficiently each day.

Costa Mesa Data Networking Systems

Seeking out the highest quality provider to satisfy your data networking needs can be a headache. Fusion specializes in offering Data Networking System requirements including data switches, data routers, network cabling, structured cabling, network services, wireless access points, IT help desk, video surveillance and video conferencing services. If your systems need an upgrade, call Fusion at (877) 852.5977!

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