Customer Service

Emergency Issues:
(877) 852-5977 or 949-852-2303

What constitutes a Service Emergency?

  • Your phone system’s inability to accomplish incoming or outgoing calls on 50% or more of your phones.
  • Your voice mail is completely inoperable.
  • If this is an issue with your Telco provider and Fusion is not your Service provider please contact your Service provider directly.

For non-Emergency Service requests and Adds, Moves or Changes (AMC):

Please submit your information and request on our website or through email.  You will receive an automatic response to your request.


What constitutes a Service ticket vs. an AMC ticket?

  • A Service call is one that involves a problem with your system, such as a dead endpoint, static on the line, a bad handset or base cord, etc.
  • An AMC request is one that involves changes to your system, such as adding an endpoint, changing the way calls ring into your system, changes to your automated attendant, etc.

What is the response time?

  • Service Emergencies are responded to within two (2) hours upon receipt of a trouble report of a Major Failure by attempting to clear the failure remotely and/or contacting the End-User to begin troubleshooting the system failure.
  • Onsite response within four (4) hours upon receipt of a trouble report of a Major Failure which cannot be resolved by a remote engineer.

If you have a basic question regarding the features and functionality of your system, please send an email to with “System Question” in the subject line.  Your question will be answered within 4 business hours.


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