Are you ready to take your Fullerton business to the next level? Fusion Networking offers premium services like these to help you get there.

  • Telecom Networking
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Voice Over IP

Every successful business relies on good communication. How else are items sold, client relationships built, and community connections made? If you’re still trying to make it all work with cell phones and laptops, or if your company is struggling to reach its goals and make it to the next level, it could be time to upgrade and optimize your internal operation with our top of the line communication tools.

What exactly does a Telecom Network do? It essentially allows data to be transferred digitally, including:

  • Voices
  • Images
  • Text
  • Video

Telecom is short for telecommunications, which is essentially the use of technology to transmit information.Most of us use this in some form or another every day, but establishing a telcom network that is just for your business will ensure that information is passed easily and quickly to those who need it, effectively greasing the hinges of your whole operation. Do you really need your own telecom network for working in Fullerton, CA? While we can’t say it’s impossible, it will certainly help with efficiency and data management as your business continues to grow.

Why do I need a business phones for my company when we have cell phones with business calling apps? You’re missing out on features like:

  • Use of multiple lines at once
  • Being able to put calls on extended holds
  • Easy transfer to multiple other devices

Business Phones within your physical office are a necessity for your company to properly handle the level of signal traffic you are bound to acquire. Having a network of business focused phones ensures that everyone has a separate line that is just for company use and allows for greater productivity. Using a cell phone for everything, even with business apps - can be exhausting and difficult to keep organzied when your professional and personal life are all on one device.

What about Voice Over IP? What is it, and how does it help my business?

  • Internet based calling
  • Cheaper than landlines
  • Allows freedom and flexibility

VOIP, also known as Voice Over IP is just a fancy term for internet calling. IP stands for Internet protocol, meaning that rather than using a traditional landline, signals are converted from analog into digital and transmitted via wi-fi or internet connection. Uses for VOIP are more extensive than you might think, especially when it comes to travel. Phones that are connected to your company’s IP can make and receive calls wherever there is a good internet connection. This means you can take your meeting on the road with a mobile hotspot without missing a beat, and avoid returning to a full voicemail box after a business trip.

Fusion Networking is there to help you optimize your business’s communication and figure out what improvements can be made. Growth is possible! Call us for more information.