Business Management: Managed & Hosted Services Provider

As technology and Big Data needs change, your business must adapt with it. Managed & Hosted services have quickly become the go to resource for businesses just like yours to expand their capability and focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Managing your own hosting and communication services prevent a plethora of risks. Don’t stress over the unknowns, technological needs, and frustrations of managing your own services, let Fusion’s wide array of solutions help you cut costs and get back to what you’re best at: your business.

Whether you need hardware, software, training, or maintenance, a managed/hosted solution from Fusion Communications can help you with flexible financing options and cost saving solutions from a variety of partners.

How Can Fusion Help My Business?

  • Managed Network & Communication Service: Analysis of your existing network and communications systems
  • Process Improvement Management: Assessment of your current and future business management needs, including recommendations for communication-enabled process improvements
  • Complete Service Provider: Complete design, implementation, monitoring and management of an optimized communications solution
  • Managed Financing Provider: A customized financial package that optimizes your returns, reduces your risk and guarantees your costs for up to eight years
  • Peace of mind, knowing one of your most complex and business-critical technology solutions is managed by an industry leader with a proven record of top-quality customer support.

Hosted Solutions Provider

In addition to being a managed services provider, Fusion also offers hosted email and conferencing services to provide your business with cutting-edge communications capabilities with no capital outlay. All services are hosted off-site and fully managed, so the highest levels of quality and uptime are assured while minimizing your management and support costs. Fusion can help you with:

  • Standard Email: Services are available for businesses of all sizes, and include Web connectivity so employees can access their email from any Internet-connected device.
  • Security Enhanced Email (I-mail): Comprehensive email management service with rigorous, integrated virus protection and spam filtering.
  • Audioconferencing: Choose from a range of options, including operator assistance, recording and archiving service, any-time conferencing and more.
  • Videoconferencing: Managed videoconferencing service provider. Enable face-to-face business meetings anytime, anywhere to improve collaboration, increase productivity and reduce travel expenses. You can also stream recorded content for training and sales presentations.
  • Web Conferencing: Broadcast live business conferences and deliver rich visual presentations to an unlimited number of people in distributed locations.

Grow your business with advanced technology and none of the headaches.

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