Fusion Networking will take your Orange, CA business to the next level with our top rated communication systems, including:

  • Business Phones
  • Telecom Network
  • Voice Over IP

No business can properly function without communication. Whatever company you have or whatever you sell, chances are that you are going to need a phone and communication system to operate properly. One can only work from their cell phone and laptop for so long before the needs of your company simply outgrow that idea. At least, it should. A business that isn’t growing is a symptom of poor communication. Let us help you get on track.

What’s so special about Business Phones?

  • Call holding
  • Easy transfer to other devices
  • Use of multiple lines at once

Though this may seem self explanatory - Business phones are more advanced and complex than the average landline phone because they are built to handle a business level of phone traffic. Especially for larger companies with multiple offices within the same space, a proper business phone system is essential to a smooth operation. When everyone has their own line of communication that is just for business use, there is more room for productive business calls.

What is exactly is Telecom anyway? Telecommunication is the fancy word for the digital transfer of information, such as:

  • Voice
  • Images
  • Written Messages
  • Video

Basically, telcom is used any time that information is being exchanged with technology. Is it possible to have a business without telecom in Orange, CA? Not really. While we can’t say it’s impossible - our modern world is so dependant on technology to communicate that functioning without it would be a challenge to say the least. Having your own telecommunication network set up for your business ensures that information will flow freely and easily without interference from non-business related data.

How does having a Voice Over IP system help my business?

  • Cheaper than landlines
  • Transfers analog signals into a digital form
  • Internet based calling

Voice Over IP, also knows as VOIP is the newest phase of communication that uses the internet to transmit calls rather than relying on a traditional landline. The IP part of VOIP stands for Internet Protocol. Assuming your business has a reliable internet connection, this option is often cheaper than a traditional phone line service and offers more functions as well. Phones that are set up with VOIP can make and receive calls from anywhere with a good wi-fi connection, enabling those who must travel for business to keep on operating as normal and avoid an overwhelming inbox when they get back to the office.

Fusion Networking in Orange, CA exists to help take on the challenge of outfitting your business with these services to ensure you are operating at a maximum level of efficiency in our modern world. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you succeed.