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Get on top of your communication game with our top of the line services. Fusion Networking can give you the growth your Pasadena business needs.

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No business can properly function without communication. Whatever company you have or whatever you sell, chances are that you are going to need a phone and communication system to operate properly. One can only work from their cell phone and laptop for so long before the needs of your company simply outgrow that idea. At least, it should. A business that isn’t growing is a symptom of poor communication. Let us help you get on track.

Telecommunication, or Telecom for short, is an incredibly necessary service for any modern business. It allows for the digital transfer of:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Voice
  • Text

Basically, telcom is used any time that information is being exchanged with technology. Is it possible to have a business without telecom in Orange, CA? Not really. While we can’t say it’s impossible - our modern world is so dependant on technology to communicate that functioning without it would be a challenge to say the least. Having your own telecommunication network set up for your business ensures that information will flow freely and easily without interference from non-business related data.

A cell phone app just can’t compare to a good business phone system. With perks like these, you’ll understand why.

  • Holding calls with preset music or adds
  • Quick and easy transfer to other phones in the system
  • Using several lines at once for optimal productivity

Though this may seem self explanatory - Business phones are more advanced and complex than the average landline phone because they are built to help businesses increase productivity and control the flow of signal traffic. Cell phones with business apps just can’t compare, and can often get messy when personal and business calls come in on the same device. Do yourself and your company a favor and upgrade or install a business phone network that can meet and anticipate your needs. After all, it is nice to be able to leave your work life at work when you’d like.

What exactly is Voice Over IP and how does it benefit my Pasadena business? Let us explain with the following perks.

  • Internet sourced calls
  • Lack of landlines
  • Cheaper prices

Voice Over IP, is also known as VOIP for short. The IP stands for Internet protocol, meaning that signals are converted from analog into digital and transmitted via wi-fi or internet connection. Assuming your business has a reliable internet connection, this option is often cheaper than a traditional phone line service and offers more functions as well. Uses for VOIP are more extensive than you might think, especially when it comes to travel. Phones that are connected to your company’s IP can make and receive calls wherever there is a strong connection. For those who must travel for business, they can keep on operating as normal and avoid an overwhelming inbox when they get back to the office.