San Gabriel Business Phone Systems & VOIP

Take charge of your San Gabriel business’s growth and invest in quality, up to date communication tools from Fusion Communications. These services can make all the difference.

  • Voice Over IP
  • Telecom Network
  • Business Phone System

Getting your San Gabriel business to that next level is always an ongoing challenge, but have you considered that it could be a simple problem of communication? Being able to communicate properly in this modern world is an essential part of developing a business. How else are items sold, client relationships built, and community connections made? Let us give you the boost you need with a tope of the line upgrade. A healthy, growing business can only work from their cell phones and laptops for so long.

Is Voice Over IP really worth it? If keeping up with modern technology is important to your business, and if the these perks sound good to you - YES

  • Internet sourced calling
  • Not tied to landlines
  • Cheaper than landlines

Voice Over IP, also known as VOIP is the newest phase of communication that uses the internet to transmit calls rather than relying on a traditional landline. The IP part of VOIP stands for Internet Protocol. Assuming your business has a reliable internet connection, this option is often cheaper than a traditional phone line service and offers more functions as well. Phones that are set up with VOIP can make and receive calls from anywhere with a good wi-fi connection, enabling those who must travel for business to keep on operating as normal and avoid an overwhelming inbox when they get back to the office.

Telecommunication, or Telecom for short, is an incredibly necessary service for any modern business. It allows for the digital transfer of:

  • Images
  • Voices
  • Videos
  • Text

Let’s face it - telecommunication is the way of the modern world. Any time you use technology to exchange or send information is using telecom. All of use it, both professionally and personally every day. Setting up an exclusive telecom network that is just for your San Gabriel business will help to keep those things separate - as they probably should be. It will help to keep the flow of information focused and on point, essentially functioning as the oil for the hinges of your entire operation.

Why should you bother with a business phone when they make so many apps for cell phones? Because cell phones can’t compete with services like:

  • Holding calls
  • Using multiple lines at once
  • Ability to transfer calls to multiple connected devices

Though this may seem self explanatory - Business phones are more advanced and complex than the average landline phone because they are built to handle a business level of phone traffic. Especially for larger companies with multiple offices within the same space, a proper business phone system is essential to a smooth operation. When everyone has their own line of communication that is just for business use, there is more room for productive business calls.