Santa Monica VOIP Business Phones & Telecom

Take charge of your Santa Monica business’s growth and invest in quality, up to date communication tools from Fusion Networking. These services can make all the difference.

  • Business Phone Systems
  • Voice Over IP
  • Telecom

Let Fusion Networking help you discover your full potential by equipping your business with the right tools to maximize your communication. After all, communication is everything to a functioning and successful company. If you’re struggling to keep up with your client demands, or to reach that next level within your community, chance are that you can benefit greatly from a few simple upgrades. Being able to communicate properly in this modern world is an essential part of developing a business, and growth is possible for those who know how to value it.

Business phones may seem unnecessary with all the business apps available on cell phones, but features like these just can’t compare.

  • Ability to hold calls
  • Use of multiple lines at once
  • Easy transfer to other phones in the system

By allowing you to hold calls, transfer calls to other phones in the building, and use multiple lines at once - there is so much more that can get done! Group calls for international business meetings? Easy. Letting each employee have their own line that is just for business use? Great idea. Organizing the flow of incoming calls is way less of a hassle when you have a system that essentially does it for you. Cell phones that are used for both work and personal life can get messy and confusing, even with ‘business phone’ apps.

Not sure what Voice Over IP is? Let us explain. If the following perks appeal to you, it could be worth your while.

  • Internet calling
  • Not tied to the office phone
  • Cheaper than a landline

Voice Over IP is also known as VOIP for short, and refers to the difference between analog and digital calling. The IP part stands for Internet Protocol, meaning that calls are made through an internet connection rather than a traditional landline. In addition to often being cheaper than the old school way, this also gives you the freedom to make and receive calls wherever you have an internet connection. Traveling and keeping up with business has never been easier! No more crazy full voicemails.

Telecommunication, or Telecom for short, is an incredibly necessary service for any modern business. It allows for the digital transfer of:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Voice
  • Text

Basically, telcom is used any time that information is being exchanged with technology. Is it possible to have a business without telecom in Santa Monica, CA? Not really. While we can’t say it’s impossible - our modern world is so dependant on technology to communicate that functioning without it would be a challenge to say the least. Having your own telecommunication network set up for your business ensures that information will flow freely and easily without interference from non-business related data.