Featured Customers

“We love that our system can track the phone activities of everyone in the operation, our agents are more comfortable with the soft phone capabilities than they ever were with their desk phones.” The ability to manage the system from my office is a huge benefit and a considerable cost savings. I now have control over any adjustments on the system. We have moved countless extensions this year and the changes are almost effortless compared to scheduling an outside technician to come out here.”

- Manuel Maiztegui, Information Technology Director

“Our VOIP solution has delivered. It allows us to capture more business, enhance our customer service and function as a more efficient operation. Vertical’s Automotive Bundle sets itself apart by offering real tools that are perfect for our business. No other solution we examined could deliver these capabilities so cost-effectively.”

– Tm King, Director of IT

"The Fusion team helped us find a VoIP solutions that met our needs and our budget. As a startup, we're doing everything we can to invest our dollars where they matter, and our business phones were one of them. Thank you for making our business more efficient and helping us save money!"

- Phil Hudson, President

“It’s like a new cell phone. You start out using only 20 percent of the function and then realize it can do much more. Fusion came in with a cost analysis of our previous operations and then compared it to a projection of expenses after implementing the new system. By switching providers and upgrading to a VOIP system, we would save enough money to operate on just about the same budget after the upgrade.”

– John Loussararian